Initial words

The first project I’m undertaking on this blog is to learn Farsi.  I do not know Farsi, but I know the alphabet (more or less).  In this blog I will 1) lay out my goals, 2) relate how I’m attempting to reach those goals on a daily basis, and 3) assess my goals based on how well I’m carrying them out.

So when I begin in earnest next week, I will lay out a six-month plan and a one-month plan by week.

I already have blank Vis-Ed cards.  I find these essential to any language.  Writing my own works better for me than pre-printed ones.  I also have Pimsleur Farsi.  I got this not because I have any preference for this method, but because it was readily available.  I’ve used them before, and have nothing against them.  These are my two tools at this point.

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