My schedule: January-June

Planning a calendar far into the future is really hard.  So I decided to plan for six months, and at the end of June I have scheduled to plan for the rest of the year.

I decided on learning 600 words for the six months.  I’m front-loading the words, as the first ones come fairly easily because they’re so common.  These first words include “I,” “is,” and “have.”  Often books will include different conjugations of the same word as separate vocabulary.  So I’m to learn 140 words in January, 120 in February, 100 in March and April, 80 in May, and 60 in July.

I’ve found that How to Speak, Read & Write Persian has handy word lists.

I’m  planning on going through How to Speak, Read & Write Persian once (read and listen) and Pimsleur (listen only) twice per week.  I will use Livemocha weekly, one lesson per week.

I want to put up a video of me speaking once per month for increasing amounts of time: 1-2 minutes in January and February, 3-4 min. in March and April, and 5-6 min. in June and July.

I want to read one newspaper article in May and two in June.

I think the social is essential.  Without the social aspect, I lose motivation and reason for learning.  Starting in February, I will find one Persian per month to speak to on a regular basis.  I will look into where to find them.  Also, I will celebrate my progress once per month at the end of the month, probably my going to a Persian restaurant.  In May and June I will be looking for some sort of Persian club or social group.

Check up
By June I will assess progress on goals.  Based on my progress I will put together a new schedule for July through December.

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