Difficult week–ready for a new week

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I found last week to be a difficult week.  I started back at work, which upturned my schedule.  This weekend I tried to catch up some, but I had some extra family responsibilities to take care of.  I’m happy to do great things like spend time with my family and work, but I get discouraged from the lack of routine.

My routine, though, is just fine.  My goals are my best guess at what I will be able to accomplish.  It’s easy for me to get thrown off my routine, and then forget to re-focus on my goals.  This is when I need to focus on my “unmeasurables” rather than my “measurables.”  I did not meet my measurables last week, but I did make progress on my unmeasurables.  I got better at understanding the language in general.  The week was a productive week, even though it did not live up to quantifiable standards.

So now I’m back at my routine.  This is a new week, and I’ll try my best again.


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