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So with the end of January and the beginning of February, I need to reflect on my progress so far, and my projected progress for the future.  This is necessary to do as one moves from one month to another.  As one can see from the date of this post, though, “stuff happens.”

The end of January and the beginning of February were wonderful, but not kind to language-learning.  My wife’s birthday took place (a big one), and we had out-of-town guests.  My wife left town the next weekend for an important business meeting.  That meant that I had family business to attend to, and much of the time for those activities came out of language-learning time.

I didn’t make my benchmarks so far in February.  The most important thing to do now is assess what marks I didn’t make and how to adjust.  Assessing is a learning experience, because I don’t like changing benchmarks I’ve set.  In the past, this would have been a good time to give up, or at least weep over my inadequacies.  Now, though, I’m going back to my schedule and revising it, so that the schedule reflects reality better.  It’s a painful process, but one that every language-learner must learn to do.

First I will comment on January.  I was successful in accomplishing my goals in my textbook, in learning words, in Livemocha, and in blogging.   I did not accomplish my goal of 8 Pimsleur lessons (I did 7), or in a video.  At this point, I have a script for my video, but I’m looking for feedback from Livemocha friends.  I hope to do it soon, but February may see my first and only video for these two months.

Now I will turn to February and its rocky start.  I felt like a failure, to be honest, but now I’m seeing things are not so bad.  This is the advantage of writing out goals: data to examine.  I did not write out any new language cards for a while, so I will reduce my number of words by 15 (about half a week).  I kept my old cards on me, and I’m sick of them.  I’ve gone through some of my textbook, but slowly, so I’ve reduced my expected number of chapters this week by one.  Similarly, I’ve reduced Livemocha by 2 lessons.  I think I’ll blog less, too, this month.  I have been listening to Pimsleur, so I did not fall behind there.

I feel like I fell off the horse, but it’s time to get back on.

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