You can learn a new skill!


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In this podcast entitled, “Learning To Play Music At Any Age With Gary Marcus,” Prof. Gary Marcus, professor of psychology and director of the New York University Center for Language And Music, narrates how he learned guitar at a late age with sub-par musical talent.  His story comes in the context of his extensive research in the area of how adults learn tasks.  He also addresses the “10,000 hour” theory, and shows where it does not apply and surprising places where it does apply.

His talk helps contextualize how applying oneself with discipline allows one to learn new things, which furthers my own, anecdotal knowledge about language-learning.  One should not use the excuse “I’m too old” as an excuse not to learn a language.  Instead, one should use one’s mature time-management skills and wisdom to figure out how to work in language study.

This goes well with my friend’s post, “What every language learner should know. part 1,” where she says the most important skill for learning language is the ability to make a schedule.

Take courage!  You can do it!


3 thoughts on “You can learn a new skill!

  1. Alex L.

    I didn’t realize that making and adjusting a schedule was actually a hard skill to master until I started burning out on work. Then, the opposite happened. Fearing overwork, I erred for a while on the side of leisure (to put it nicely). Now, I’m realizing the value of the virtue that underpins all of Aristotle’s “Ethics”: moderation. It’s a real art.


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