Learning Somali: Interview with Loving Language at la Polyglotte

My friend, la Polyglotte
My friend, la Polyglotte

My friend at “La polyglotte” did an interview with me recently that I thought I’d share with you. It’s called, “The community at the heart of learning.” In it I discuss my background in languages, and my current process in learning Somali.

I’m proud to say that I did the interview completely in French. It was the first time I spoke French publicly, that is, outside of a simple conversation, since high school.

The “Polyglotte” is a fascinating woman, whom I met at the Polyglot Conference in NYC back in October. She comes from Paris, and her parents from Senegal. She advocates for the importance of African languages, so we’re kindred spirits in this way. These languages often get left out even in polyglot circles, since most polyglots focus on European and East Asian languages. But now that people see more economic and personal opportunities in Africa, interest in the continent’s languages is on the rise.


3 thoughts on “Learning Somali: Interview with Loving Language at la Polyglotte

  1. Wow.. your French is brilliant for that. I’ve barely spoken it since I finished Year 12 (18 months ago…) and I’ve just realised this last week how truly rubbish my French has become. Bravo for still speaking so well! I’ve a friend at uni who graduated a year before me, same teacher, and I heard her speaking it to her father the other day (they usually speak Amharic to each other) and she’s much more fluent than me… I’m going to see if I can convince her to speak French to me now as well.

    I shouldn’t write this comment in English. I was speaking in French the other day to a homeschool parent and after a few minutes, my father came up and hijacked the conversation by speaking IN ENGLISH about how he used to be able to speak French… this is just as bad!

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