Exotic Connection

Life of everyday Kurds in Kurdistan
Life of Everyday Kurds (Image via Wikipedia)

The community structure of Livemocha offers so many hidden surprises.  This afternoon I discovered a few new words I wanted to know.  Farsi, as I’ve mentioned before, does not allow one to guess the pronunciation of a word from its spelling.  I decided to turn to the community for answers.

Livemocha allows you to find speakers of your language on line, and gives you the option to chat with them.  I pinged a few and got one.  He was an ESL teacher in Iran.  He told me he’s a night owl–to my luck, as it was 3 am Iran time.  Interestingly, he is a Kurd who had traveled to Turkey.  We had a nice conversation about the current situation of the Kurds in the region, including Syria.  Oh! and he told me how to pronounce the words.

I was touched to make a nice friendship on this site.  I’m only beginning to take advantage of the community aspect of the site.  I look forward to more such discoveries.


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